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    VideoStitch blends multiple cameras into one Virtual Reality video in real-time, covering full spherical 360 degrees, no blind spot.

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  • VR RollerCoaster in VideoStitch postprod software - copyright Ignacio Ferrando

    VideoStitch Studio v2.1 released

    After a first beta release a couple of weeks ago, VideoS

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  • Vahana output - The Kooks

    VideoStitch Vahana VR 1.0 released

    VideoStitch Vahana VR v1.0 is finally released! It is avai

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  • teleportation booth at f8 using Vahana VR for live 360 video

    Teleportation Station at Facebook F8!

    Teleportation demo at f8 powered by Gear VR and VideoStitch

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VideoStitch Studio 360 video post-production timeline

What's new in VideoStitch Studio V2 ?

Stabilization, dynamic orientation, advanced synchronization for Cinematic VR experiences!

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