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VideoStitch team

The story

We made VideoStitch because we needed this tool, as there was no dedicated software on the market to stitch our 360 videos. The story of this software starts in 2010, when we made a huge 360 video campaign for Renault.

Most of the videos were shot with three 5D Mark II + 8 mm fisheye, and stitching them together was a nightmare. For this project, we had to travel everywhere in the world, and most of the time, we couldn’t make sure what the footage looked like before going back to France and spending nights to stitch the videos. We were shooting several hours per day, and at that time, we needed about 1 hour to stitch one minute of video.

Developing VideoStitch in order to have a seamless workflow became an obvious mission for us. Our goal is to deliver the fastest, cinematic VR grade 360 2D and 360 3D video stitching professional filmmakers need.

What we are doing

VideoStitch Inc. is a leader in virtual reality solutions. Founded in 2012 the company quickly established itself as a major provider of high quality live and postproduction 360° video creation software. With Orah 4i it entered the hardware market in 2016, offering the first all-in-one 4K camera designed for high quality VR live streaming. VideoStitch thus provides a solution for every scenario in VR video production on the market to date. Its customer base ranges from small production houses to Fortune 500 companies in over 62 countries, primarily from the entertainment and media industry. Originally founded in Paris, VideoStitch Inc. is now headquartered in California. Today it employs a team of 40 VR enthusiasts across Paris and California

Where we are

France                                                         United States
15 Place de la Nation                                  4677 Old Ironsides Drive
75011 Paris                                                   Santa Clara, California, 95054

You can reach us at contact@video-stitch.com!