360 Camera rigs for VR Video production

This selection of ready to use GoPro rigs offers configurations to fit various use cases. They are recommended for use with GoPro Hero3/+ Black edition camera. GoPro Hero3/+ Silver edition cameras support a subset of all recording modes. Please note that you may have to pay additional import taxes in certain countries in the EU as the products are shipped from the United States.

These ready to use, tested 360 camera mount solutions are perfect to get started with 360 video production and provide high image quality.


Important note: we do not recommend these rigs for Live VR Video production with Vahana VR. For now, the only rig which provides a good cable management system for Vahana VR can be found below

Suggested maximum output resolution is given for 360x180 field of view, for GoPro Hero3+ Black edition cameras, and depends on the camera recording mode and are given.

****Shipping times for the rigs generally range from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the country's location. In North America and Europe generally rigs tend to be delivered approximately in a week while Rest of the world takes longer.

Non GoPro solutions

For specific projects or applications you are looking forward to design your own camera ? VideoStitch is compatible with virtually any camera configuration. Custom stitching templates can be easily created.