Orah 4i is now shipping in the US

Orah 4i camera

We are proud to announce today the official launch of Orah 4i, the first all-in-one camera custom-designed for Virtual Reality live streaming. It has been almost one year since we started to work on this ambitious project – a camera that can capture, stitch and stream full spherical 360 content live in 4K with the push of a button. Last week […]

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Intel and VideoStitch announce collaboration

Intel booth at CES 2016

Las Vegas, USA, January 7th, 2016 – VideoStitch, the leading company offering Virtual Reality video production solutions, showcase their solution at CES to create 4K Live 360 video streaming with the support of Intel enabled hardware. VideoStitch’s innovative solution Vahana VR takes multiple cameras inputs and creates a single high-resolution panoramic video in real-time that can be streamed directly to […]

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GPU & CUDA : technical insights of a panoramic stitcher

multiple cores CPU vs GPU

This article is outdated. From VideoStitch Studio 2.3 release, AMD/Intel cards are supported. You can finde more information on our support platform, and download the latest version here. VideoStitch leverages nVidia’s CUDA technology to be the fastest available stitching engine on the market. If you have compared VideoStitch with previous generation tools, you have discovered that it is significantly faster […]

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