How to optimize your computer for VideoStitch

CPU Frequency Scaling

Hello everyone!

As you may know, VideoStitch uses the CUDA technology to make its stitching algorithms lightening fast. But did you know that you can make it even faster by choosing the right computer components? If you ever wondered how to build a computer optimized for VideoStitch, this article is for you!

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Encoding workflow with Handbrake

handbrake workflow

We’ve had many questions encoding panoramic videos for web publishing. VideoStitch H264 videos that are compatible for web streaming and let you tune bitrate. But as a video stitching engine, it focuses on delivering the best quality output.

Generally speaking, in a 360 video production workflow, it is preferable to export an high resolution video which preserves image quality, so that it can be recoded for specific publication requirements, or used for further post production. In this tutorial, we will cover using Handbrake to recode VideoStitch output for the web.

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PTGui tips and tricks

PTGui advanced button

PTGui is the professional choice for panoramic photography creation, and our favorite tool to create calibrations for VideoStitch. It shines with its convenient user interface that allows easy editing of control points and tweaking of all optimization parameters.

This article points out some tips that are usefull when creating camera array calibrations for VideoStitch.

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IVRPA 2013 / Iceland / 360 video with a single camera

Andrew and the iStar

As we’ve announced earlier in this blog, the VideoStitch team was present as a sponsor for the IVRPA this year, in Iceland. The event was in the middle of June. It was like all the people interested by the 360 video in the world were together, in the middle of Iceland, at the Selfoss hotel ( not even in Reykjavik ! ).

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