Changelog for VideoStitch Vahana VR v1.0.0

This release introduces a new audio workflow, and the output audio configuration UI has been completely redesigned. It comes with a cropping tool for the video inputs, and features enhanced codec options: AAC audio codec is now supported as well as h264 advanced settings.


[VSA-3463] - Video input crop directly in the UI, no need to use a 3rd party software
[VSA-2781] - Possibility to add command line h264 advanced settings
[VSA-3660] - Redesign the audio output UI to guide the user through the configs
[VSA-3575] - Audio converter in order to support most audio inputs
[VSA-3563] - Support of AAC audio codec
[VSA-3540] - Manually elect the output audio bitrate
[VSA-3566] - Support Magewell USB 3.0 HDMI capture

Bug Fixes

[VSA-3537] - Display kbps unit for bitrate but use bps in the .vah file
[VSA-3335] - Better management of low GPU memory (when opening a config)
[VSA-3377] - Decklink NTSC/PAL fix (720x486)
[VSA-3471] - Vahana does not need to be run as an administrator
[VSA-3490] - Improve linear blending
[VSA-3503] - Changing Decklink configuration does not update the project
[VSA-3552] - Decklink discovery fix
[VSA-3559] - RTMP bug / Too much packets waiting to be muxed
[VSA-3577] - Output fps is the inputs one, we don't do live resampling (30fps by default)
[VSA-3670] - RTMP audio
[VSA-3551] - Remove RTMP URL field auto-correction

Known issues

* cudart64_60.dll missing error message: please ignore this message, it is not needed

* If your microphone or audio input name uses unicode caracters (for instance Asiatic characters), you will need to manually rename it in your Windows configuration panel

* RTMP with audio is not supported. Moreover, RTMP address is not accepting "&" character. It can be hacked by entering the address manually directly in the .vah

* There are issues with the output Decklink cards. Output 4K is problematic, and changing Decklink configuration might lead to a crash

-> All these issues were corrected in Vahana VR v1.1.0
Posted on June 1, 2015 by Claire