Changelog for VideoStitch Studio v2.3.0 RC1 (AMD & Intel graphics support)

VideoStitch Studio 2.3 is now compatible with not only NVidia but also AMD and Intel graphics cards. For Mac users, it means most Apple computers released in 2013 and later are supported. Intel NUC is also among the supported devices.

    * AMD and Intel graphics support (unified executable)
    * Enhanced calibration workflow (crop and presets in the same view)
    * Need a mention "Untitled project" when a media file is imported and the project is not saved
    * Warning missing when audio codec is not supported
Bug fixes
    * Jump frame dialog adds 0
    * Crash when trying to open a corrupted .jpg file
    * Nothing happens when I open an image that is of different size than what "width" and "height" in the input configuration specifies
    * Activation fails due to missing administrator rights
    * Batch stitcher crashes when HDD runs out of space on OS X
    * Process an output into another drive (not main) does not check size availability.
    * Wrong values when importing a calibration from PTGui (depending on the locale, comma vs dot confusion)
    * Studio allows project changes while in orientation adjustment mode
    * Orientation button is missing because of an invalid license
Posted on February 28, 2017 by Claire