Exposure compensation

Automatic algorithm

After exposure compensation
Hero2 raw exposure


VideoStitch Studio automatic compensation algorithm analyzes the input videos and computes exposure adjustments. It creates keyframes at a specified frame interval: a new compensation value will be estimated for each keyframe. Between the keyframes, the parameters are automatically interpolated so that all the frames are corrected without major discontinuities.

You can find a step-by-step tutorial of VideoStitch Studio exposure compensation algorithm on our Youtube channel:

The algorithm currently ignores and overwrites all previously computed values and related keyframes. If you want to improve the first result without starting again from scratch, consider changing the values manually for one keyframe (in the timeline).

Algorithm parameters

Exposure compensation is accessed using “Window > Exposure compensation”.

Start point : start of the sequence on which exposure compensation will process. The default value is the first frame of your project.

End point : end of the sequence on which exposure compensation will process. The default value is the last frame of your project.

Adjust every : interval between each adjustment, a keyframe will be created for each input exposure parameter. Lower values process slower but give better results:

  • If light condition change frequently in your project, use a lower interval (eg: a value of 1 will generate exposure for each frame in your video).
  • Use higher interval values if lighting conditions don’t change in your videos.

Adjust sequence / Adjust here: adjust on the sequence between start and end points, or just on the current frame.


Manual improvements

In the timeline, you can adjust manually the values computed by our algorithm. For a given keyframe, grab-and-drop the bullet representing the current value until you are satisfied with the result. You can or modify directly the whole panorama, or modify the input parameters one by one. The accessible values are:

  • Red/blue correction
  • Exposure value



Automatic algorithm applied on a 48 fps video, with keyframes generated: