Using the batch stitcher

The batch stitcher is available since VideoStitch 1.2.0 and allows you to prepare multiple VideoStitch projects and process them all at once later.

To add projects to the batch stitcher, you can:

  • From VideoStitch Studio, click on ‘send to batch’. If you chose “send a copy of the project”, you can save a copy of the project. The saved copy will be sent to batch, so that you can continue editing your project. This is especially useful if you need to process the same sequence with multiple calibrations for advanced post-processing in a 3rd party software.
  • Directly drop a project onto the batch stitcher, or chose ‘File>Add projects’

save a copy and send it to batch

When using the batch stitcher, it is highly recommended to close projects that are already opened in VideoStitch Studio. We designed VideoStitch Studio to use the best balance of system resources. However video stitching is a resource intensive task, keep in mind that editing a project and stitching in batch will perform rather slow on some systems.

You can configure the batch to run on one or multiple separate GPUs before processing. In this case, be aware that the CPU might become your system’s the system’s bottleneck. Learn more about CPU usage and optimizing your configuration for VideoStitch on this article.

Right click on a project to access various options such as removing, resetting or editing the projects.

right click on a project to access the batch options