Working with masks

  • Only PTGui masks are currently supported, from which only the “red” (exclusive) ones are used (green masks won’t be imported).
  • Hugin masks work differently, they are not supported and will not be imported by VideoStitch when you apply a Hugin calibration.

Masks allow for hiding parts of input videos so that they do not get in the final output. Use them when you want to push the seams of an input video, so that you hide this video and reveal the other overlapping videos. In order to fine tune stitching for a specific feature in the resulting video.



Masks are static over time, you can seek any frame in the video and instantly review how the mask affects the stitched output.

  • When applying a PTGui template to a VideoStitch project, the masks will automatically be imported.
  • Editing and removing masks has to be done in PTGui.

If multiple masks are overlapping, no image data will appear in the output. The final stitched output will hold a “black hole” ( corresponding to what PTGui would output as alpha channel ).