Freedom360 Broadcaster rig for live 360 video Vahana VR

The Freedom 360 Broadcaster is a rig dedicated and optimized for live 360º video. It is designed with cable management in mind. The camera covers a 360×140° field of view, leaving only 40° blind spot at nadir for 6x Micro HDMI to HDMI cables and power supply to come come out nicely.

It is compatible with GoPro H3, H3+, H4. Cameras can be power supplied with battery eliminators (H3/3+), or via USB (H4).Please note that you may have to pay additional import taxes in certain countries in the EU as the products are shipped from the United States.


Specifications :

  • Video output : 6x 1080p  GoPro H3/3+/4 micro HDMI connectors
  • Recommended camera settings : 1440p
  • Max recommended live 360 output resolution : 3840 x 1920 (equirectangular 2:1)
  • Power supply : USB
  • Recommended camera capture cards : Magewell XI400DE-HDMI & XI200DE-HDMI

In the box :

  • F360 Broadcaster camera holder
  • 7 lens caps for the Hero4/Hero3+/Hero3 cameras
  • Protective pouch with rain cover (made by ThinkTank)
  • 3/8 to 1/4 bushing (the Freedom360 mount has a 3/8 female metal connector)
  • Replacement screws (for the camera braces)

Not included :

live 360 video rig / freedom360 broadcaster front view with cables
live 360 video rig / freedom360 broadcaster front view without cables
live 360 video rig / freedom360 broadcaster top view with cables