Best DSLR Gimbal 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

For a perfectly smooth image or video, you must hold the camera still. Even I have noticed, several times, many photos or videos are too jittery. I hope you have already heard about camera gimbals and stabilizers for improving footage quality. ‘Hey! Kick-off all your worries!  Try the best DSLR Stabiliser or Gimbal 2020 that fits with your cameras. So let’s start!

Different Kinds of Gimbal Stabilizers:

Today’s market is flooded with DSLR stabilizers with different features, balance, quick release plate, and good quality videos.  Here I will explain to you different types of stabilizers for DSLR which can buy:

  • 3 Axis Gimbal– This gimbal is automatically adjusted, to give the best quality shot. Let me cite an example of the best 3Axis gimbal- Flycam 3000 handled DSLR video camera Stabilizer. These gimbals require more charging time and batteries. There are also many advanced electronic features for auto-balance.
  • Handled Stabilizer– A handled stabilizer itself means for a handle use. It can be easily handled without the help of 3 Axis gimbal or a vest. No doubt it is a cheaper one and most cameramen rely on it. For eg- Flycam Professional DSLR Nano Handled camera
  • Vest Stabilizer– A vest stabilizer can be combined with multi-axis gimbals, springs, vest attachments, iso-elastic arms and also weighted plates.

Factors while you choose the Best Gimbal Stabilizers For DSLR:

Hey! Excited for the best photoshoot? ‘Shop Now-best DSLR Stabilizer for smooth shooting’! Many manufacturers flourish the market with their own products, so it is quite confusing to pick the best one for your home. Buyers should remember the following factors when choosing the DSLR Stabilizer or Gimbal. Keep in mind, the major factors to find out while buying:

  • Price- Cost is an important fact to be considered at the time of buying. Buyers always prefer to buy a gimbal or stabilizer that fits in their wallets.
  • Balance- For high-quality smooth pictures, stability is necessary. Balance is another vital factor for getting steady shots.
  • Versatility- You must check whether your stabilizer can support different cameras or not. There are stabilizers meant exclusively for DSLRs, while sometimes others can also accommodate GoPro, Smart Phones or DSLRs.
  • Battery life- Battery backup is very essential for long continuous shooting. For that reason, you need good battery longevity. Many stabilizers come with external batteries. It may be alkaline batteries or lithium-ion batteries.
  • Weight- DSLR Stabilizers should be comfortable to carry to any place. In that case, weight is an issue factor, because heavy stabilizers support only heavy cameras as well as it is a great burden to carry out.

Best DSLR Gimbal Stabilizers in 2020 – Details

With the new invention gimbal or stabilizer, it proved an easy task going for professional shooters to bring high-quality resolution in their videos or filmography. A filmmaker always looks for excellent stabilization whether it may be a tripod or Steadicam. ‘Give your best shoot’! In this guide, I will explain in detail the best DSLR stabilizers and gimbals for 2020 based on its quality, weight, price and many more.

1. Cam gear Flow cam 2000 handled camera Stabilizer

  • Design- Its unique design is compatible, for a low profile DSLR video cameras.
  • Base Plate- To hold different cameras, it has a camera base plate of 1/4inches slot for mounting the camera.
  • Price- Affordable price fits in your budget and gives high-quality shots.
  • Balance- This stabilizer is very easy to balance and setup. Its telescopic post has an extension from 40 cm to a height of 60 cm for adjusting the balanced weight of the camera.

2. Fly cam DSLR Nano Video camera Handled Stabilizer

  • Design- Its compatible design weighs up to 1.5kg, and has a 360 degree of panning. It is black powder-coated and constructed with cast aluminum.
  • Handle- The stabilizer has a foam handle for a long time shooting with its comfortable grip.

3. Fly Cam Camtree FF Mini Black Handled Stabilizer

  • Smooth Pictures- It gives non-shaky pictures whether you run, walk or in any moving action without any instability of a camera
  • Expand Selection of shots- At your comfort; shot can be extended for continuous hours.
  • Gear Control- A gear control helps to release plate quickly for mounting or dismounting of a camera with ¼ inch standard screws.
  • Gimbal handle- Gimbal handle is supported on wheels for smooth movement. The handle is very comfortable to move in any directions according to your preference. For vertical balance, the central post can be adjusted.

4. Flycam 3000 handled DSLR video camera Stabilizer

  • Design- It is lightweight but a strong stabilizer with a unique design.
  • Handle- With its 3- Axis Gimbal, the camera can be rotated in any axis points.
  • Storage- It also includes a storage bag

5. Flycam Professional DSLR Nano Handled camera

  • Base Plate- It has a dynamic platform for balance. It also has a quick release plate for mounting and dismounting camera.
  • Quality- This stabilizer gives a professional shot to your video quality.
  • Support- It supports steady cam up to 1.5 kg or 3.3lbs. For shooting at any heights it does not require tools for its telescopic center post.

6. DJI Ronin-S

  • Quality- It is made up of top good quality as compared to Moza and Zhiyun as well as other brands also. DJI Ronin-S is a 3 axis gimbal with its auto-tune features for calibration. There is a remote camera control to adjust the shots as you prefer.
  • Compatibility- Compatible with software and related apps such as smart devices. Most of its functions and configurations are operated from a smart device app and even work faster with Bluetooth facility.
  • Base- Its base can be removed easily though it is heavy. It is similar to other gimbals. At the base, there are 2 additional supports (¼ inch to 20 & 3/6 inch to 16 threads).
  • Quick Release plate- This gimbal has a slide attachment plate for mounting and dismounting the camera.
  • Weight- Despite heavyweight it gives perfect smooth shots.
  • Handle- It has a comfortable handle for traveling.
  • Battery- The battery lasts for 12 hours.

7. Moza Air 2

  • Quality-This is an impressive gimbal that can adjust, roll and settings can be changed under the control of the gimbal. It is made of 3 axis of the pan to roll or tilt videos from different angles. It is the latest brand gimbal that offers better performance and clear shots.
  • Cost- It is cost-effective and even a better option to purchase.
  • Quick-release plate- It comes with a quick-release plate for mounting and dismounting the camera. It best suited for wedding occasions for quick filming shots.
  • Battery- With its single battery charge, it lasts for 16 hours
  • Compatibility- It is compatible with other cameras.
  • Capacity- It can carry a payload of 4.2 kgs. Moza Air 2 comes with a camera control cable facility for the different range of cameras such as Nikon, Canon as well as Sony cameras.

8. Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB

  • Quality- It is especially for bigger shots and is widely gained a great reputation by users.
  • Price- This gimbal is a costly DSLR gimbal all over with many benefits.
  • Handle- It has 2 grips to hold in different ways.
  • It is helpful to get the shot closer in its required angle to the ground. This gimbal is easy to carry in briefcase mode. This is very convenient while you travel as it takes less place to accommodate.
  • Control- It has perfect control over the camera and monitors it’s real-time and frame it accordingly.
  • Capacity- It can hold heavy payload. Because heavy the payload, time taking is short. It is compatible for Panasonic EVA-1 or Canon C200 with a single-handled gimbal

9. Zhiyun Crane 2

  • Quality- This is an incredible DSLR gimbal appreciated by all users.
  • Price- It is budget-friendly and also a great option to buy.
  • Support- Zhiyun can support different types of cameras.
  • Battery- It has 18 hour battery longevity. 

Suggested Gimbal Stabilizers for DSLR in 2020:

  1. Zhiyun Crane 2- It has 3 batteries for longer shoots and its interface is camera controlled. This gimbal is easy to use and can be mounted without any tool-help. Screw Adapter is also provided for customizing different types of filming parts.
  2. Cam Gear Flowcam 2000 handled camera Stabilizer- CamGear Flowcam 2000 is affordable for buyers and filmmakers to bring quality videos in the world of camera stabilization.
  3. Moza Air 2- This stabilizer supports Moza iFocus wireless system. It provides high-quality videos with its shutter, controlling buttons and many features. It comes with 8 different operating modes with a single as well as a dual-axis. Moza Air 2 has OLED to display the feedback.
  4. Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB- It is a wireless HD gimbal with a Touch Control system. It supports videos up to 1080P and compatible with any smart device, Android, iOS, and tablets. You can take pictures and shots from any axis with its real-time settings.


1Q. Do stabilizers work with non -DSLR cameras and GoPro?

Ans: Most of the stabilizers that I have listed above are meant for DSLRs. But they can also accommodate GoPro with great care while balancing for a steady shot. In my opinion, I suggest you to buy a stabilizer, especially for GoPro.

For example- Afunta Pro Handled Stabilizer

2Q. Do the stabilizers have a quick release plate?

Ans: In short, Yes! It is a much necessary feature for a stabilizer, as quick release plates enable you in attaching and dispatching your DSLR stabilizer to get the suitable angles for shooting.

3Q. What is the weight of a standard stabilizer?

Ans: For a smooth shoot, the stabilizer should have a balanced weight match for your camera. If its weight is not matched that you may land in a problem. Typically, the standard weight of stabilizers is 100g.

4Q. Which materials are used for making stabilizers?

Ans: One key feature is its material quality for long durability. Especially buyers look for carbon and metal fiber as they are lightweight and strong. For example-Flycam 3000 handled DSLR video camera Stabilizer.

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