Best Home Security Cameras in 2020 – Top Picks

Keep your home safe and secure by monitoring what is happening outside with a security camera. These smart home security cameras can withstand all elements to keep your house protected from inside-out. Hey dear customers, Are you looking for security cameras to keep an eye on every corner of your house? Then, you are in the right place. You just need to check out our list of best quality security home cameras in 2020. A few moments of your life, when you are not at home enjoying your time with your loved ones, you do not have to worry about your safety of home anymore!

You can keep an eye on every corner of your house while staying away from home and keep a check on the robbery or rowdy neighbors. In 2020, you will see a lot of home security cameras on the market with unique features within your budget. But before making any final purchase, you must look at the list of top quality home security cameras offering the best quality services to its customers. So, without wasting any more time, let us drive along with the list full of surprising features of home security cameras.

List of Best Home Security Cameras 2020:

Check out all tip quality home security cameras of our choice, and say welcome to one of your favorite ultra HD resolution security cameras.

1. Arlo Ultra Home Security Camera:

“Unlike previous Arlo models. Its magnetic stand can be stick to any position on this home security camera, which makes it easier to place your security device anywhere you like.”  This security device takes home security cameras to new heights and offers several features that you have not yet experienced or provided by any other home security camera.

  • A most important feature of Alro Ultra is that it offers 4k Video streaming with HDR.
  • It offers its customers extremely clear and crisp footage that allows you to zoom in for gathering detailed information such as license plates and faces without destroying picture quality.
  • It welcomes its customers in the future of glory and offers color night vision.
  • Arlo Ultra Weatherproof camera has a built-in spotlight and dual noise-canceling microphone feature.
  • It has two conventional IR LED lights for recording videos at night vision.
  • You can even switch off flashlights coming out from the camera to make your home security camera less visible and switch on when you require warning away intruders.
  • It can be used both outdoors and indoors to monitor and secure the safety of your home.
  • This product provides a rechargeable battery and offers an efficiency of three to six months on standard use.


  • It works well with Alexa voice command.
  • It is 100% wireless.
  • It offers 850nm LEDs light up to 25 feet.
  • It offers video resolution up to 1280*720.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Two way audio and built in speaker.
  • It also offers seven days of free cloud recordings


  • This product offers an excellent option for day-light video and colour night-vision.
  • It offers its customers with high resolution of 4k.
  • It has a comprehensive and easy to use software.
  • It offers good quality audio.


  • This product can be login from one device at a time.
  • Its web portal needs Adobe Flash.
  • It is very expensive compared to its competitors.

User Feedback:

  • This home security camera has been rated 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon by customers, which is quite good.
  •  Few customers are objecting to its feature of weather resistant. It does not function well in cold areas.
  • Customers also faced issues related to battery energy.

2. Ring Spotlight Home Security Camera:

Ring Company is popular for a pioneering internet-connected video doorbell that offers a security camera.

  • This product successfully uses audio and motion detection to record 1080p videos.
  • It can be functioned using the same app as Ring Doorbell, so you can easily manage all your Ring devices from a single place.
  • It offers powered battery, which will help you to mount your device anywhere irrespective of drilling holes and running cables from your wall.
  • Next unique feature of this product that it connects directly to any of your wireless networks.
  • The battery of this product lasts for almost a month per charge. You can even add a second battery as this device offers dual-battery bay.
  • It does not require an extra hub to attach with your router and can be powered by easy-to-charge lithium ion battery.
  • It is just like a security guard in the form of security cameras.


  • It offers 110 decibel internal siren.
  • It has a smart zoom to gather minute information.
  • It provides three thousand Kelvin floodlights.
  • It has a unique feature of noise cancellation and allows two-way audio.
  • It is a weatherproof home security camera.
  • You can custom motion zone as per your requirement.
  • Both app and email based alerts are given by thus security home camera.


  • This product has a powerful spotlight.
  • It integrates seamlessly and flawlessly with other Ring cameras.
  • It has a dual-rechargeable battery.
  • Easy to install and offers a convenient setup.


  • If you add multiple cameras, then subscription charges mount.
  • Mount of this device could have been more flexible.
  • Floodlight feature of this camera is not up to the market.

User Feedback:

  • It has been rated 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon by customers, which sounds amazing.
  •  Customers love picture quality but if your router is placed beyond 10 feet, then your camera receives connection.

3. Nest cam IQ Outdoor Home Security Camera:

Nest Cam is no doubt one of the most popular security home cameras in the market 2020. It is known for its intelligent features that define your home protection to another level.

  • IQ Outdoor security camera did not have a waterproof feature like other security cameras. So, you need to plug it into an indoor power socket. However, it provides its customers 25-foot long cable that can withstand harsh climatic conditions.
  • It offers 8-megapixel camera and 4K sensor which delivers High Dynamic Range video at 1080p.
  • This device also boasts of having a quality speaker with a triple way for the microphone.
  • This camera contains RCB light ring which glows blue at the time of setting up, and yellow if the device faces any issue of connectivity.
  • It offers 4 infrared LEDs that provide 50 feet of night vision, sound and motion detection, and a twelve times digital zoom.
  • It also provides 24*7 streaming services, records every video clip, tacks motion, functions automatic zooming of persons and objects.
  • Nest Aware Pricing plan allows you in accessing five days of a continuous history of video clips and all features mentioned above for 5 dollars per month and 50 dollars every year.
  • If you want to have a video history of ten days and all features mentioned above then you require paying 10 dollars every month, and 100 dollars per month.
  • For accessing the video history of one complete month, then you need to pay 30 dollars every month and 300 dollars per year.


  • This product has capacity to detect person.
  • It also offers face recognition.
  • It offers in-built Google Assistant.
  • It provides zoom in on a person’s motions automatically.
  • You can customize its motion zone as per your needs.


  • It offers an elegant design to its customers.
  • It provides 24*7 live video along with 4k sensor, close-up tracking, and HDR.
  • It also stands out with weatherproof rating IP66.
  • It offers person alters.
  • It has two-way audio.


  • It is quite pricey.
  • It charges addition money to get access to facial recognition features.

User Feedback:

  • It has been rated 4.0 out of 5 on Amazon.
  • Customers suggested allowing zone alerts, making videos of a few seconds instead of taking snapshots.

4. Reolink Argus 2 Home Security Camera:

This security device is quite impressive for its image quality, waterproof design, and convenient installations.

  • It is suggested by the customers that this security home camera must update itself to allow other smart home devices.
  • It offers several unique elements to its customers like amazing night vision, rechargeable pack of battery, and an option for solar power.
  • Its price is significantly less than its competitors.
  • It also offers a micro SD card slot along with a reset button behind the gasket on the right side of the camera.
  • It also has the capability to deliver color video clips at night. However, image quality seems to be poor quality comparatively.
  • This device offers 2-megapixel Sony-Starlight sensors that help in capturing 1080p videos at 15 fps.
  • It also offers a 130-degree field view to its customers.
  • This camera provides a microphone and two-way audio and a passive infrared motion sensor but it cannot detect sounds.
  • It also has an internal siren.
  • You can easily access live as well as recording via using Reolink Mobile Application for iOS and Android.
  • After installing this device, you will receive a voice command guiding you throughout this security camera.
  • While testing, this security camera delivered a sharp color video clip during the day and equally sharp black and white video at night.
  • Motion detection offered by this device works quite good and satisfied most of the customers.
  • You will receive quick push alerts and enjoy its loud two way audio system.
  • It is perfect for a mounting area that is exposed to several elements hand harsh weather conditions.
  • It offers a rechargeable battery and you do not need to worry about the power source.


  • It supports Alexa.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Wireless and standalone Installation.
  • Instant Playback.


  • It is quite affordable.
  • It offers 1080p video.
  • You will enjoy its local storage facility.
  • It is waterproof in nature.
  • You can avail of this device without attaching any wires.


  • It does not allow integrating with other smart home devices.
  • Product packaging does not include any SD card.
  • Siren is not loud to ears.

User Feedback:

  • It has been rated 3.7 out of 5 on Amazon.
  • Customers like its feature of free cloud storage and durable battery life.
  • It works slowly when customers open notifications and alerts.

5. Wyze Cam Pan Home Security Camera:

This device offers free cloud storage along with local storage, motion detection services for free, integration with Amazon Alexa voice command and so on.

  • It is one of the cheapest home security cameras in the market.
  • The camera sets up instantly through mobile applications and comes with a power adapter included in packaging.
  • This device offers 360 degree field view and useful features such as free video storage for two weeks.
  • It has a microSD card slot bottom of this security camera. Six foot power cord plugs seamlessly into mini-USB port on the back edge of its base.
  • Wyze Camera’s security includes H.264 encoding, AES 128 bit encryption, and HTTPS transfer protocol.
  • It offers sharp, blur free, heightened contrast, and good color video quality during day-time.
  • It also offers similar quality video clips at night time. It has six infrared LED light that helps you to see video clips of a dark room. Although night videos provide more blurred video clips and less detailed information when compared to daylight takes, it was still possible to recognize my face.
  • Recording video offers clear and audible sound, however, sometimes delay in syncing with the pace of the video.


  • It offers to track motions.
  • It has night vision facility.
  • It also offers Wyze mobile applications for customers’ convenience.
  • This product has two-way audio.
  • It also detects sounds and motions.
  • It supports Alexa voice command.
  • Night vision is up to 30 feet.
  • It offers one year warranty to its customers.
  • 1080p HD image resolution.


  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • It supports smart motion tracking.
  • It offers free rolling of 14 days of cloud storage.
  • This device offers accurate motion detection.
  • Instant and friendly response from customer care.
  • It offers a quality image.


  • It has wired power cord.
  • It has limited options for cloud storage.
  • It has a problematic speaker on this camera.
  • It does not provide email alerts.
  • It is only available in the market of United States of America.

User Feedback:

  • It has been rated 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon.
  • Customers are complaining about auto-reboot when device loses internet connection.
  • But customers have praised the picture quality of this device avail at a very cheap price.

6. Amcrest Pro HD Home Security Camera:

A relatively affordable home monitoring camera that helps deliver sharp quality images and offers tilt functionality, and motorized plan.

  • However, it does not work with any other home automation gadgets.
  • Its round camera head attached to motorized cradle that offers 45 degrees of tilt maneuverability, and 360 degrees of planning.
  • This product offers a wealth of network settings and camera that include gamma, saturation, exposure level, and white balance, as well as DNS, IP filter, HTTP port setting, and TCP/IP.
  • Motion and audio detection worked well in testing and push notifications arrived instantly.
  • Black and white night vision videos have sharp quality along with good contrast.
  • Its mobile app offers settings on motion detection and includes a device manager.


  • It offers high performance, true HD experience, real-time.
  • It receives motion alert.
  • Quality assured irrespective of day or night time.
  • It securely stores cloud video back-up.


  • It is simple to use, reliable and secure.
  • It offers stellar night vision.
  • It offers adjustable colour, brightness, and so on.
  • It has a high range of motion.


  • Mobile app sometimes fails to open camera feed.
  • It can lag depending on Internet connection.

User Feedback:

  • It has been rated 3.9 out of 5 on Amazon.
  • Customers gave positive feedback on their software and image quality.
  • However, sometimes it gives a false alert.

After looking at all features, pros, cons, costs of Best Home Security Cameras, it can be said that Arlo Pro is overall best followed by Ring Spotlight. But if you are looking for a budget yet good quality home security camera then go for Wyze Cam Pan without giving any second thought.


1Q. What are the features to look for while purchasing Home Security Camera?

Ans: You need to keep in mind some specific and functions while selecting to purchase a Home Security Camera.

  • Camera Resolution and Video Quality.
  • Camera Field of View, motion detection, audio, night vision, and weatherproof.
  • Storage capacity.
  • Your requirements for indoor or outdoor cameras.
  • Feature of infrared LEDs and Lens.
  • Wireless or wire Home Security Camera.
  • Battery backup and power supply.
  • Notifications and Alerts.
  • Level of security.

2Q. How can we save battery of Home security camera?

Ans: Security camera can eat a lot of battery energy. So it becomes very important to look for an outdoor home security camera that only records when motion is detected to cut battery usage and even electricity costs. Few home security cameras are powered by solar panels that help in reducing electricity costs and also include a rechargeable battery and adapter to use as per your requirements.

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