Best Instant Cameras 2020 – Expert Reviews

Do you like to make experience with an instant camera? Do you find any necessity of having this?  If the answer to the first question is yes, then you need to go through our article. We believe that you should find the second answer after completing this article. In this smart era, Social Media is one of the best platforms to share your photos regarding your mood, but there is something special about the printed version of photographs which is sometimes essential. Although it is nostalgic or maybe it is unique because sharing in a physical nature is more personal as well as a special experience rather than posting it on your Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp account.

Whatever reason behind this idea always there are plenty of solutions for the people mainly who want to hold a photograph in there photo frame or album after capturing a delightful memory. Are you one of those people?  Do you like to hold a photograph with you?  Don’t worry; we have adequate Infos for you to choose the best instant cameras in the world-wide market. We think from this discussion you will find your best alternatives available in your nearest outlet.

Factors to Consider While Buying an Instant Camera:

When you ready to buy the best Instant Camera to encourage your passion you need to aware of some available attachment in the gadget. We try to guide you about this topic and we expect it become helpful for you.

  1. User-friendly activities: What makes a camera easy to use for everyone? The answer will be User-friendliness. The user-friendly instant camera is always best to buy. Power on/off button, the lens adjusting button is the two important tools that must be easy to find for you. We think Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is the best user-friendly instant camera with lots of exciting features.
  2. Photo Size: Most of the instant cameras produce the same range of size for the taken photographs. You should ask your retailer about the Photo-size before consuming it. If you want to have a larger photo from your instant camera we assure you that Lomo’Instant Wide will fulfill your need without any difficulty.
  3. Brightness adjustment tools: Some instant cameras in the market come with a special adjustment tool. It can give you the special essence for the time of capturing photos. Sometimes this feature determines a super ambiance for capturing photos in terms of lighting and brightness. Some auto-adjustable feature reduces your effort while taking a special photo. You can find these features including all of the discussed instant cameras.
  4. Battery and Shutter-Speed: Like any other electronic gadget, the battery power of the instant camera is notable for its users. Commonly 116X118.3X68.2mm size and around 307-gram weight is attached with an instant camera. Generally, you are allowed to use it 12 to 14 hours without any interruption. On the other hand shutter speed of an instant camera is usually shipped with 1/60 seconds. Before buy, you must ask your retailer about these important points.
  5. The Processing Time: In an instant camera, generally, the taken pictures are produced mostly in a very short time or sometimes instantly. However, those photographs must allow very little time to become processed, dried, and finished without any kind of interference.

List of Best Instant Cameras in 2020:

According to the column of a great photographer and cinematographer Jim Fisher, “Film is not for old hipsters and fogies – huge numbers of people still enjoy the snapping shots in these social media maniac days. They like to use instant cameras to hold their memories with some beloved ones. Just like our parents, we feel a homely relation with an instant camera.” Now we provide some best instant cameras in the market which can able to fulfill your desire completely. Let’s see;

1. Fujifilm Instax mini 9

Fujifilm is one of the liable companies who making instant cameras for this era. Its Instax Mini 9 will be a great option if you like to expense not so big amount. Instax Mini 9 does not have all the expensive attachments that make a camera expensive. It is easy to use for users of any ages and it comes in various colors.

Latest Features:

  1. It can produce instant photos in credit card size.
  2. Instax Mini 9 has in-built automatic exposure and flash facility.
  3. Along with hand strap, it shipped with a close-up lens, AA batteries, instruction manuals, outstanding stickers, 1X10 shot mini film pack and many more.
  4. You can get an Inclusive selfie mirror, 2 different lenses with 2 components, 60mm films and lots of some attractive features.
  5. This camera also designed with a minimum of 10 shots.


  • Optical viewfinder
  • Selfie mirror
  • Funny in looks and easy to use
  • Both color and black & white films are available
  • Inexpensive cost
  • Lots of color options present


  • There is no tripod sockets are attached
  • Uncomfortable for landscape shooting
  • Not all the features are fully automatic

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

Mini 90 Neo Classic is a little bit pricey than Instax mini 9. It is another option for you to choose an instant camera in 2020. When you compare this with Instax Mini you will find more attractive offers. It designed with a rechargeable battery, macro setting functions, lighting modes on shooting time and so many interesting features. Let’s see what they packed for you.

Latest Features:

  1. It designed with brightness control functioning, low and high key effects.
  2. You can also get in-built six shooting modes, party and kids’ mode with this camera.
  3. It shipped with NP-45A lithium-ion rechargeable battery for better performance.
  4. You can control brightness as per your needs.
  5. There is High performance mode included in three separate forms like, forced firing, red-eye reduction and flash off compatibility.
  6. It provides you the film (WXH) in 54X86 mm size and picture in (WXH) 46X62mm size.
  7. It is not the end; you can also get an optical zoom along with those features.
  8. Macro settings and controllable shutter are the other two best features which attached in this gadget.


  • Gorgeous Design
  • User friendly operations
  • Self-timer
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Double exposure options attached
  • Both monochrome and color films are available.


  • Instant films formats are the smallest
  • It does not support in-camera charging
  • Oversensitive lenses.

3. Polaroid One-Step 600

In the market, Polaroid is called the great grandfather of instant photo cameras. Its film making effort is outstanding. Some old cameras of the company are still can be used easily. If you have a fascination with retro-inspired photographs, then it can be your best option. Polaroid One-Step 600 is a great nostalgia. This instant camera does not have fancy and spunky features of today’s popular instant cameras. Polaroid delivers the unparallel level of yellow nostalgia perfect for typical family photographs or summer outing on the beach in awkward holiday plans.

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Some notable attachments

  1. It allows you to take a clear photo with a simple click.
  2. With the push button, you can get instant photos without any further complications.
  3. It has an in-built automatic flash option that can work effectively while capturing the photographs.
  4. Focus free simplicity available in these instant photo cameras.
  5. To use this gadget you need to collect Polaroid 600 format film to run perfectly.


  • Monochromatic and color both types of film are available
  • It uses classic Polaroid square film format
  • It attached Bluetooth connection to control exposure manually.
  • You can charge the device with a USB cable.
  • It is very easy to use.


  • Updated features are unavailable
  • Films are too much expensive
  • Usually, the color materials are finicky.
  • Auto focus option is also unavailable.

4. Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2

It is another best instant camera produced by Fujifilm. Also, Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 is funny to use. This is a mobile printer, which allows you to transform any photo on your tablets, iPad or smartphone for an instant printout on the spot. Which means you can pick and choose any photos that you want to print.

Latest Features:

  1. Instax Share SP-2 is a very lightweight device about 250grams.
  2. It is small enough to carry without having any extra bulk.
  3. A battery level indicator attached in this instant camera.
  4. It provides a 62mm X 46m credit card size photographs.
  5. Each cartridge can able to hold a maximum number of 10 instant films
  6. This instant camera printer supports 800 X 600 dot resolution.
  7. It can easily connect with your phone by using Wi-Fi 802.


  • Chemical printing processor
  • Quick and smooth setup available
  • The printing app of this gadget includes basic editing tools
  • Both Sepia and Black & White photo options are included
  • It can work with iOS and Android smartphone.
  • Rechargeable battery attached


  • The printing format has a lack of upgraded impacts.
  • The cost of materials is very high.
  • High-speed internet connection needed while connecting with smartphone

5. Lomo’instant Automat

Maybe Fujifilm is one of the popular instant camera producers in the market, but it is not the only player on the platform. Lomography is another indigenous instant camera producer. It offers you various options which also found in Fujifilm’s hardware. The Lomo’instant Automatic camera assembled with basic features with the great ability to capture large exposure photographs. The price range of this product is not so high but affordable by general users. Let’s see some salient features that included in this instant camera.

Latest Features:

  1. It combines numerous shots in a single frame.
  2. To hold the shutter it allows you to create the light-streaked photographs
  3. There is a flash sensor which usually detects the proper brightness while capturing.
  4. When the flash is become on then you can able to switch ‘N’ for a normal mode in daytime shots and the ‘B’ shutter for long exposures in night mode.
  5. There is an in-Built Wide Angle lens attached with this instant camera.


  • It is funny to use
  • The wide-angle lens attached to this
  • Automatic exposure included
  • In-built flash attached.
  • Multiple exposures are supported in this instant camera
  • Selfie mirror attached
  • Accessory lenses are also available.


  • Its battery is hard to find in general outlet
  • Mini film format is not very developed.
  • Difficult for beginners.

6. Lomography Lomo’Instant Wide Camera

If you think that instant photos have always tiny and below standard, we like to say that you are wrong. Lomo’Instant Wide Camera of Lomography does not utilize every feature of Fujifilm’s larger Instax, but it offers various types of exposure and unique lens options to make prints that you have like to show your friends and beloved family. Lomo’Instant Wide Camera produces 3.4” X 4.3” large photos with adequate quality.

Latest Features:

  1. You can get fully automatic and creative shooting modes in this instant camera.
  2. Not only that, but you can also get long exposures along with large intensive format
  3. Lomo’Instant Wide instant camera provides a fully programmatic shutter with 90mm in-built lens compatibility.
  4. There is a versatile shutter setting also included in this attractive electronic gadget.
  5. The most beneficial attachment of this product is its PC sync Socket. You can synchronize your gadgets with windows computers at any time anywhere


  • It is easy to use
  • The wide-angle lens attached to this
  • Automatic exposure included
  • In-built flash light attached.
  • Multiple exposures are supported in this instant camera


  • Its lens is hard to find in general outlet
  • Difficult for beginners.

Best Instant Camera: Overview

With the help of this attached comparison chart, it becomes easier for you to choose the best alternatives and the fittest one. Today you can find enormous instant cameras in the market, but it is quite difficult to choose the best one for you regarding your passion.

Product’s nameInstax mini 9Instax Mini 90Neo ClassicPolaroid OnStep 600Instax Share SP-2Lomo’Instant AutomatLomo’Instant Wide
Produce ByFujifilmFujifilmPolaroidFujifilmLomographyLomography
Price$ 89.00$ 169.00$ 89.50$ 139.00$ 199.00$ 189.00
Critic’s rating4.8 Out of 54.4 Out of 54.2 Out of 54.6 Out of 54 Out of 53.9 Out of 5
Best forBeginnersBeginners and enthusiasticProfessionals and enthusiasticEnthusiasticEnthusiasticEnthusiastic
Dimensions4.7 x 4.6 x 2.7 inches3.6 by 4.5 by 2.3 inches4.3 by 3.7 x 5.9 inches5.0 x 4.7 x 1.9 inches3.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches5.75 x 7.5 x 3.75 inches
Weight10.8 oz10.4 oz1 lb1.1 lb12.5 oz1.6 lb
TypeCompact, AnalogCompact, AnalogAnalogCompact and AnalogAnalogAnalog
Viewfinder typeOpticalOpticalOpticalOpticalOpticalOptical


1Q. Do photos snapped with Fujifilm Instax mini 9 fades out?

Ans: The photos do not generally fade out and its quality stays intact. However, it is recommended not to expose them directly to sunlight. However, if you use the Fujifilm Instax film, you can keep the photos however you want.

2Q. Do Polaroid one-step 600 come up with a battery?

Ans: You need to know that Polaroid cameras have no battery in it. However, the film cartridge has an inbuilt battery which is enough to keep the camera powered on for around 10 shots.

3Q. How long can I keep Fuji film Instax Wide Instant Film inside the camera without snapping pictures?

Ans: You can find the expiry date printed on the box. However, you need to know that, expired films can still be used after it is expired, though it takes a longer time for the picture to develop and also with moderate quality.

4Q. Is there any focus option available in Lomo Instant Automate?

Ans: This instant camera has a mechanism of 3-step zone focusing. You can set distance by turning the focusing wheel placed over the lens. You can select a distance from 0.6m and 2 meters to infinity.

Final Words:

You are looking for an instant camera which one has encourages you regarding your creativity and passion and this camera fits in your budget? Then recommend you to buy Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera. It can provide you the best services at affordable prices. You can have shared your taken photographs with your friends and family beside any kind of social media. Besides, Instax Mini 9 can produce 1.8X2.4 inch instant photos which are not very bad. A variety of lighting mode is beneficial for you. Also, we want to inform you of those different kinds of users like different types of features in an instant camera. So we provide a recommendation chart which shows the best things for those individual products.

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