Best iPhone Tripods 2020 – Reviews With Buying Guide

We are here to show you the latest technological innovation in the field of photography. Nowadays, tripods are one of the fundamental instruments used by photographers like you to take comprehensible images. Tripods help you to keep your iPhone attached to it. You can place the tripod along with your iPhone at a desired angle and height. iPhone has an outstanding camera quality with a 12-megapixel rear camera and 5X zooming capacity.  So, a good combination of a tripod and iPhone makes it more promising for you to get a better view of photos.

What is a Tripod Mount?

Have you ever asked yourself the purpose of using a tripod mount? I think no. We are generally focused on specification and cost. However, you need to know about the tripod mount because it will be carrying the entire weight of the iPhone.

A tripod mount is used to elevate and focus on the object according to the instruction of the photographer. A thumbscrew is attached to the mounting head that is attached with a receptacle female thread on the iPhone camera, giving it a flexible movement in all directions.

Best iPhone Tripods Buying Guide:

Choosing tripods for the iPhone is no longer a difficult job for you. iPhone is one of the best photo capturing devices for its long exposure and with a wider lens. This is something where the iPhone camera and the tripod come into play a great role. It is important to inform you that Apple does not manufacture any kind of tripod for iPhone; you need to buy a separate tripod that will be suitable for your iPhone.

List of Best iPhone Tripods in 2020:

Here we have chosen the top-picks for the best tripods for iPhone along with its specification.

1. Joby GorillaPod hybrid

This tripod is the most renowned hardware for photographers. Even people who have taken photography as a hobby use this Joby GorillaPod Hybrid tripod attached to their iPhone whenever they travel. This tripod is durable and strong. Joby GorillaPod has got an amazing characteristic, it will allow your iPhone to get a 180-degree tilt and 360-degree pan inclination that allows you a get a good enhancement in your creativity.


  • Dimension: 2.17 x 2.17 x 10.12”
  • Self Weighting: 0.96 kg
  • The capacity of Holding iPhone weight: 1 kg

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2. Manfrotto B Pixi – Best for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Manfrotto B Pixi allows you to get a “go-to” tripod. It is most suitable for the iPhone. It is designed in a way, that once you press the company labeled button, the ball head over the tripod moves freely to secure the angle. The grips are strong that allows your iPhone to have a great firmness with the tripod. It is made of aluminum and lightweight technopolymer.


  • Dimension: 7.28 x 3x 3”
  • Maximum height: 5.11”
  • Self-weight:0.22 kg

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3. KobraTech Flexible – Fits perfect with iPhone XR

Have a look at Kobra Tech Flexible tripod. It has got a two years warranty replacement in case of any accidental damage, the product will be entirely replaced by the company. This hardware is made of industrial-grade joint with metal finishing. Nowadays the dimension of the latest iPhone is big enough to get adjusted with a tripod but this cobra tech Flexible tripod will give you to adjust the iPhone for any dimension.


  • Dimension: 10 x 3 x 3”
  • Self-weight: 86.16 g
  • The capacity of holding iPhone weight: 500 g

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4. UbeeSize Aluminum

This tripod is available in silver color and after this product was launched, it has replaced all other black tripods available on the market. This tripod has to be adjusted according to your needs on uneven surfaces. Ubee also provides a remote control Bluetooth and a carrying case with this product.


  • Dimension: 7.5 x 2.9 x 2”
  • Maximum height: 181.44 cm
  • Self-weight:  0.18 grams

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5. Eocean Selfie:

It is interesting for you to know that Eocean Selfie is a hybrid product of a selfie stick and a tripod. It can be folded at a height of 31.5cm, which makes it suitable to carry from one place to another. Even you can keep this product in your pocket. It can be extended to a height of 100 cm while you are using it. Once you access your iPhone for 360-degree panorama, Eocean Selfie is the perfect hardware for this purpose.


  • Dimension: 40 x 1.1 X 1.1”
  • Max Height: 40”
  • Self-weight: 272.16 g
  • The capacity of holding iPhone weight: 5 kg

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Steps to install the iPhone over a Tripod:

Are you looking for the steps to install an iPhone over a tripod? However, before setting up the tripod always have a good look on the surface. The legs should have a uniform distance from one another. You should always confirm that the phone has a firm grip on the tripod. Installation of Tripod is a hard job, you should always see that the legs are firmly attached. Do not leave the camera until you are sure about the tightness between the iPhone and the tripod.

The Most Efficient Tripod For iPhone:

Which one among the top five do you think is the most efficient tripod for iPhone? The answer to this much-awaited question is obvious. Jolly GorillaPod Hybrid is the best one. This tripod comes with under budget, available online from Amazon. Therefore, you must be keen to know that what makes Jolly GorillaPod Hybrid as the best tripod for iPhone. You must be knowing this that the first use of a tripod, initially began by placing a DSLR camera over it. However, as technology developed nowadays, we can place an iPhone, which has all the criteria as that of a DSLR. Jolly GorillaPod Hybrid is another phenomenal product that allows you to have good photographic experience. Let us see about some of its salient features:

  • It is made up of ABS plastic for lightweight.
  • The ball headed type access.
  • Ultimate stability
  • Capable of capturing a superior perspective
  • The main part of a tripod is the ease of set up.
  • Long-lasting durability.

Customer Feedback on Joby GorillaPod Hybrid:

Joby GorillaPod Hybrid has received appreciation from all respect. Customers have stated that it was a great buy for them. They have mentioned that this product is small and lightweight, easy to carry, easy to set up. At times, it serves as a dual nature, which makes it more promising.

Some people have mentioned that even iPhone has long-range exposure criteria but it was hard for them to use it with their hand but after GorillaPod came into the field, photography became much easier. The tripod has a long exposure friendly access that allows iPhone users to make their pictures look more realistic.

Final Words!!!

It is clear now to choose the best Tripod for your iPhone, as Joby GorillaPod tops the list. But we would like to advise you that do not look for a tripod with the maximum star rating, rather choose a tripod that can meet your criteria and serve your purpose very well. You need to note that always choose a lightweight tripod by checking the capacity of the tripod to hold the iPhone.

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