Best Mirrorless Camera Under $1000

In the world of Photography, photographers love DSLR to take more prominent and high resolution images. However, it has been witnessed that those heavy and big DSLR cameras are not always easy and comfortable to carry, even for professional photographers. So, We have listed some Best Mirrorless Cameras you can use with ease in 2020.

Best Mirrorless Camera under $1000

At times we find it difficult to choose a product from an abundance of options lying in front of us. So we understand user concerns and started working on this article.

Best Mirrorless Cameras Under $1000 – Detailed Reviews

After 30+days extensive research we made this amazing list of Top 7+ Mirrorless Cameras that comes under $1000 Budget. We suggest you to take your time, read complete review & pick the best one for you.

1. Sony Alpha A6000

Whenever we are talking about the best mirrorless camera, we cannot ignore the best brand in the world that produces the best and most updated cameras every time. Yes you are right we are talking about Sony and its latest model Sony Alpha A600. This Sony Alpha A6000 is a very small and portable mirrorless camera, which comprises APS-C sensor criteria.

  • This Sony alpha A600 offers its users 1.6 times the area of any kind of 4/3 sensor.
  • The outcome of this innovation by Sony is amazing and they are well capable to respect their brand value and to meet the customer satisfaction.
  • The faster AF and sharper resolution comes with a BIONZ X processor which is incorporated with a6000 chip integrated.


  • Sensor Size: 24.3
  • Dimension: 4.72 X 1.77 X 2.64 in
  • Weight: 0.76 lbs
  • Video quality: Full High Definition 1080p
  • Sensor size: APS-C

It is worthwhile to say that this product has got the fastest shooting speed and it is no where less than a perfect DSLR.

2. Sony a7R II

If you consider yourself as a “Pro” in handling your camera, then you can go ahead with Sony a7R II. It is important for us to inform you that this model cost twice as much as the Sony alpha A600 because a7 has completely devastated the marketing arena of a600 as it stands to be world’s first full length mirrorless camera along with a enhanced 5 axial stabilization criteria.

  • The unique factor of having a 5 axial stabilization technique allows you to capture images with high defined zooming power.
  • Photographers can snap “close-ups” with utmost efficiency.
  • This Sony a7 has got a greater clarity for capturing images.
  • In true sense this camera is remarkably faster than the previous model.
  • The “Faster Hybrid” option allows you to have an ample number of customizable options.
  • Movie making facility with outstanding recording criteria will help you make documentaries and films in high-bit-rate along with a supportable XAVC S format.


  • Megapixels: 24.3
  • Video: HD 1080 p
  • Dimension: 5 X 2.36 X 3.78 in
  • Weight: 1.32 lbs
  • Sensor size: Full frame

Sony a7 II has got a simple mode of connectivity to your Smartphone via Wi-Fi or NFC. This Sony a7 II delivers a lighting fast focusing speed along with a high profile super wide coverage range. It is worthwhile to say that this product has received a wide range of appreciation from the consumers, which is reflected at a 4.5 star rated feedback.

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3. Panasonic lumix G7

If you want a mirrorless camera within an affordable range then Panasonic Lumix G7 can be your perfect choice. Users have said that this product has got much enriched and extremely customizable image quality. This camera can be used for any kind of adventure trip as it provides crisp and clear images with full color. The unique factor of this Panasonic Lumix G has got interchangeable lenses that incorporate the latest technology.

  • This Lumix G7 has got the latest compact body, along with a great audio.
  • Lumix G7 is also incorporated with a cutting edge video, creative control, intelligent focusing as a high quality exposure, which is not included in any DSLR cameras.
  • This Panasonic Lumix offers a three way shooting criteria that provides 4K display mode.
  • G7 is also enhanced with faster and more precise auto tracking criteria and high speed auto focusing.
  • Intuitive control design with LUMIX G7 is absolutely amazing for the users and it is a way beyond the traditional DSLR.


  • Megapixels: 16
  • Video: 4k UHD 2160p
  • Dimension: 4.92 X 3.03X 3.39 in
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs
  • Sensor Size: Four third

Once you unpack the box you will get to see that this camera comprises a rechargeable lithium ion battery, lenses hood, front and rear caps for lens and a shoulder trap that will allow you to carry the camera for any kind of journey.

4. Fujifilm X-T20

Fujifilm offers you a great deal of business with $1000. Fujifilm X-T20 is highly enriched with excellent lens and a fine aperture. This camera is well known for an amazing extraordinary shooting criteria as well as it provides a good experience while recording a video. This mirrorless camera comprises a 24.3 mega pixel X-trans CMOS III ASP-C sensor. This sensor is well capable of providing “No-Pass” filter and X-pro guarantee in producing sharp still images and 4K high resolution videos.

  • This camera provides a wide range of advantages, like it will give you an enhanced image even if you are capturing it in a low light background.
  • Electronic Viewfinder and a tilting touch screen monitor will allow you to get precise shooting of images.
  • Now if you are concerned about the range capability, then we allow us to inform you that this Fujifilm provides you with two types of lens. The ultra wide angle lens and super-telephoto, which includes the top five fast shooting aperture lenses.
  • Even the dimension of this product allows the user to have a good gripping posture.


  • Mega pixel: 24.3
  • Video: 4k USD 2160P
  • Dimension: 4.66 X 3.26 X 1.63
  • Weight: 0.54 lbs
  • Sensor Size: APS-C

It is also worthy for us to inform you that this Fujifilm mirrorless camera has got a touch screen sensitivity option for the photographers to set their settings. As a whole if we justify the product on the cost price then it appears to be completely fine.

5. Canon EOS M50

Canon is the most traditional and world famous brand in the field of producing updated mirrorless cameras. So what is new in this Canon EOS M50?  This camera is entitled with a true frame sensor which allows this camera to hit a full punch on other available products. Canon EOS M50 allows photographers to capture vibrant images along with 4k UHD impactful images.

  • This camera allows photographers to shoot fast with maximum accuracy.
  • The Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus allows you to develop an electronic viewfinder.
  • Canon EOS M50 allows all kinds of sharing as it has got inbuilt Bluetooth-in Wi-Fi, NFC.
  • This mirrorless camera also contains a unique vary-angle LCD with touch screen sensitivity.
  • Canon EOS M50 allows you to activate the silent mode.
  • EOS M50 is incorporated with the latest DIGIC 8 image capturing processor. This highly entitled specification allows the user to get an enhanced auto lighting optimizer.


  • Mega pixel: 24.1
  • Video: 4k USD 2160P
  • Dimension: 4.66 X 3.5 X 2.3
  • Weight: 0.86 lbs
  • Sensor Size: APS-C

This is a newly launched product which has been acknowledged pretty well by a variety of customers.  The snap vibrant produces eye catching photography.

6. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

We know that most of the photographers think that Mark III is the most updated model of Olympus but according to us we refer you to go ahead with Mark II. Mark II is always the first preference selection according to the price. Yes, it is pretty transparent that if you are in a hope for capturing a 4k video with Mark II-then it is not at all possible. In that case you can go ahead with Mark II. If you have a heart full of desires to be a photographer, then you should start your photographic career with Mark II mirrorless camera.  The Mark II mirrorless camera comprised of a compact profile along with an intuitive controlling setup.

  • Olympus delivers the most unique and updated version of 5 axial stabilization system that ensures the novice photographers to take high quality pictures.
  • It comes with 8.5 fps burst shooting that makes the photographer deliver the best quality image from a mirrorless camera.
  • Olympus mark II has got inbuilt wifi connectivity profile that allows the photo vloggers to upload images anytime from any location.
  • Mark II provides 81 point preference based autofocus option.
  • The touch and shutter release works well and efficiently.


  • Mega pixel: 16.1
  • Video: 4k USD 2160P
  • Dimension: 4.7 X 3.6 X 3.3 in
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Sensor Size: 4/3” Live MOS Sensor

Which is quite affordable and it comes with an interactive OLED electronic viewfinder to make it well justified.

7. Nikon Z50

As we are talking about the best mirrorless cams, we have to bring Nikon 750 into the limelight of this list. Nikon Z50 is dedicated to more efficient handling and formation. The result of this amazing innovation by Nikon has portrayed them as a “foray” in the mid-range mirrorless market. The uniqueness of this model is hidden into a high resolution viewfinder and an amazing titling touch screen.

  • Nikon Z50 provides a high definition 4K video along with an efficient and most updated autofocus.
  • Nikon made Z50 has modified the SD card slot thus allowing the users to make the cost reduction by ignoring the expensive XQD format.
  • This product is known for the mobility that it provides while carrying it for any photo shoot or journey.
  • It has been witnessed in many mirrors less cameras that the viewfinder is quite complicated. In this regard Nikon has done an exceptional and amazing change which allows the user to apply viewfinder on the screen.


  • Size of sensor: APS-C CMOS
  • Resolution: 20.9 Mp
  • Viewfinder: 0.39 inch EVF & 2.36 million dots
  • Monitor: 3.2 inch angular touch screen & 1.04 Million dots
  • Autofocus: 209-point AF
  • Maximum shooting rate (Continuous): 11fps
  • Movie: 4k UHD at 30fps

In the end, it is worthwhile to say that Nikon Z50 is highly enriched with an ISO ranging from 100 to 51,200, which has been stated as a world class specification by some well reputed professional photographers.

8. Sony A7R IV

As you can see, we have included lots of Sony made products for the race of the best mirrorless camera. This camera delivers 61MP excellent image quality which is incorporated with highly impressive pixel shift and multi mode of shooting customization. The camera has been updated and now it is more sturdy and well equipped. The additional use of top plate command makes the mode dial a little harder than usual. The previous version of this model which is termed as A7R was not meant for videographers and keeping that in mind, Sony has developed A7R IV which has turned out to be ideal for the videographers.

  • 4K video recording that ranges to 24p to 30p.
  • This Sony made Alpha 7R IV comprises a better ergonomic design.
  • The AF system is promising as it delivers very fast and it has been enhanced with an intelligent AF system.
  • The viewfinder is id bright, sharp and it works efficiently.
  • The unique factor of this series includes a perfect metering system for the photographers.


  • Size of the sensor: Full frame
  • Resolution: 47.3MP
  • Viewfinder: 5,760,000
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch tri-axis tilt
  • Autofocus: Contrast detection AF
  • Maximum shooting rate (Continuous): 9 fps
  • Movie: 4k UHD at 30p
  • User level: Professional and expertise

This product has got few disadvantages, for example it lacks motion correction and rolling shutter. Apart from that this product is quite promising for users.

Final Words:

We recommend you to go ahead with Sony Alpha a6000 mirrorless camera with a black body.  This product has a serious shooting speed which is quite promising. So what are you waiting for? Buy this camera and be a part of a new revolution.

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