Best Spy Cameras 2020 | Hidden Cams for Home & Office

Do you feel insecure in your residence, office, chamber or industry? Then you need to install a closed-circuit camera on your location and keep a safe distance from trespassers. There is a valid reason why you should want to protect your properties and confidential places with the best Spy Camera. Now we live in a society which is full of insecurity and danger. Whether a common robber wants to assault your business or a burglar trying to break your house, security is an unavoidable and important factor in our day to day life.

More or less all we know something about spy cameras. We hide our security cameras in plain sight such as

  • Put in a decorative covers
  • Install in higher places
  • Mount on a wall
  • Mount on the branches of trees
  • Put behind the window glasses and more…….

With a good hidden camera you can catch untrustworthy and wrongdoing people and their suspicious behaviors clearly.

Review of Best Spy Cameras of 2020:

Preview Product Name DETAILS Check Price
#1 #1
Phouse Hidden Camera with Audio
  • Info:Our Camera is completely wireless. It is the most reliable WiFi hidden Camera on the market.
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#2 #2
FUVISION Smoke Detector Spy Camera
  • Info:This dummy smoke detector hidden camera is WiFi enabled, so you can remotely control the camera.
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#3 #3
1080p WristBrand Spy Cam
  • Info:Supports large internal storage capacity to store the data files, connect to PC and SmartPhone as a USB sticker.
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#4 #4
Excepro EX-FH200 Covert Spy Camera
  • Info:EX-FH200 DUMMY Outlet Camera is a 1080P FHD slim hidden spy camera DVR with unnoticeable outlook.
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#5 #5
TenGong Spy Wall Clock
  • Info:Perfect Design Spy Camera Hidden Camera with 150° Wide Angle Lens for Home Security.
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#6 #6
1080P HD Hidden Camera Wall Charger
  • Info:This spy security camera will record Full HD 1080P video with 90 degree angle once motion is detected.
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#7 #7
Inc Night Light Hidden Camera
  • Info:Built-In Wi-Fi Allows You To Control, View, and Download Video From Your Smartphone- All For Free.
Currently unavailable
#8 #8
Smart Bulb WiFi LED 1080P Spy Cam
  • Info:Wireless Light Bulb Camera Wide 360 Degree lens viewing angle,960P HD high resolution Lens with no blind area.
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#9 #9
LIZVIE HD Hidden Spy Clock Nanny Camera
  • Info:Especially for smartphone users. You can be monitoring your home or office at 24 hours.
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#10 #10
Wall Charger Hidden Camera with 32G SD Card
  • Info:Record video in crystal-clear 1080P HD video with wide angles.The spy hidden camera charger provides you several shooting modes to meet your requires.
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#11 #11
OUMEIOU Power Bank Hidden Camera
  • Info:Newest Gravity Sensor power bank camera, Under recording, the image is flipped up and down 180 degrees.
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There are some of our recommendations for you about the best spy cameras which you can buy in 2020. Let’s see about those. Now we discuss 10 best spy cameras as per market demand.

1. Phouse Hidden Camera

We first recommend you the product Phouse Hidden Camera.

  • This device runs mid rez 960p sensor with an ability to record an object both internally and through WiFi. It has an external SD card with a maximum capacity of 128GB.
  • This camera of the product comes with a 32GB Memory Card for initials, which is always very good.
  • With flexible lightbulb, you can able to aim objects towards preferable angles. Though the frame rate can be not so reliable quality overall it is very good to start an experience with Spy Cameras.

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2. FUVISION Smoke Detector Spy Camera

This device is incredible when it comes to the market. It includes some special features like a smoke detector, 100% wireless Nanny Cam, Live view mode, iOS, and Android app, and micro-SD recorder. Not only that!

  • You can also get night vision compatibility and 125-degree camera lens which is unbelievable in this price range.
  • This device holds a 1080p full HD quality camera along with the advanced mounting system. It is easy to install in your preferred location like ceiling, branches of a tree, glasses of the window and more.
  • The storage capacity of this camera is 32 GB of external memory card.
  • According to the critic’s opinion and voting, FUVISION spy camera got an outstanding rating which is 4.3 out of 5.

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3. 1080p WristBrand Spy Cam

We live in such a society that is getting smarter every day. So we also need to update ourselves with the society LKcare brings a SpyCam which is attached with your bracelet.

  • On the surface of SpyCam, it looks like a bracelet with a digital clock. Behind the display, it has a 1080p camera lens which can easily record the movement up to 128GB of videos on an external SD card.
  • This is a little bit tricky to use because it has an expensive look so it might turn into the target of a thief.
  • Though the bracelet cam is top-notch quality it has some cons. Due to a lack of proper WiFi or internet connection, you may lose the footage which you have already taken.

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4. Excepro EX-FH200 Covert Spy Camera

The brand Excepro brings a unique Spy Camera EX-FH200 for 2020 to secure your daily life. With this Spy Cam, you can enjoy some features like:-

  • This camera does not need any batteries to run.
  • No WiFi or 4G connectivity present in a product so you need an external memory card to store your footage.
  • Installation of this camera is an issue. You can place it on the open wall with zero percent obstructions between it and the rest of the room.
  • It is not better to fit narrow or small places. Always it needs to install in a broad and wide place.

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5. TenGong

Some simple products become beneficial. TenGong is just like that. Basically, it is a clock has a plain old mechanical look. Inside a narrow axis, the hidden spy camera is placed, from the outside; it is difficult for you to find the camera.

  • With this SpyCam, 1080p FHD standard has WiFi enable function keys.
  • The internal storage of the product is 64 GB and has a capacity of expandable external memory up to 128 GB.
  • You can get 1920*1080 high-quality resolution on this product which is unbelievable at this range.

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6. 1080P HD Hidden Camera Wall Charger

This product does not look like a camera. The entire recordings are saved over a WiFi network. This top-quality device can catch an eye clear pictures and videos with a unique form.

  • You can watch your business house or home wherever you are. 1080P HD allows you to record videos and take pictures directly on your smartphone. It protects your family as well as your personal properties.
  • Just insert a TF Card into this SpyCam and plug-in electric point. It has a capacity of auto record high-quality videos without any extra setting. It allows you to watch the live streaming videos on your app which is connected to your personal WiFi connection.
  • This Spy camera is more improved than others, the video quality is better than other hidden cameras on the international market for 2020. It provides you 1080 HD resolution videos as well as high quality image. Also, the lens is hidden behind the charger.
  • There is no sparkling light while recording anything.

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7. Inc Night Light Hidden Camera

This Inc Night Light Hidden camera is fully featured with a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection, 1080P 30FPS video recording capability and generally in good conceivability. This is mainly fit in your residence and you can easily stress on those who are trying to enter your room without any permission.

  • Inc provides you a super night vision by using unique high graded technologies.
  • You can get 1080P HD quality live streaming by your smartphone and look at the current position wherever you are.
  • In-Built WiFi connection allows you to access the latest views, download some videos and control monitoring from your smartphone.
  • Inc Night Light camera provides motion direction alerts to aware you from any unwanted events.

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8. Smart Bulb WiFi LED 1080P

According to the critics’ choice, it is the most high tech secret spy camera for 2020. It is another lightbulb that embedded a secret camera. Not only that, by using WiFi, you can use your smartphone to view a live feed. It also includes some outstanding features for you.

  • You can install the Smart Bulb easily. It includes a 360-degree super class wide angle
  • It is impossible to watch your home or office when you are outside. With the help of this device, you can get an alert on your phone from the camera, when any unwanted motion is detected.
  • You can also find an expired video that is saved on a TF card (expandable up to 128G).
  • You can set up a Smart Bulb easily with the help of free guidance in a few steps from the 360 Eyes app. It allows its users to access the functions of a camera with Android and iOS smartphone.

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9. LIZVIE Wireless Hidden Camera

With the top-notch quality, LIZVIE Wireless Hidden Camera users can get a 1080p 30FPS video recorder. The device is enabled with SD card slot and WiFi Portals.

Now let’s see LIZVIE Wireless Hidden Camera at a glance.

  • LIZVIE is designed especially for smartphone users. You can be monitoring your home or office at 24 hours.
  • You can download a free App “IOTLiving” from your App Store or Google Play, it is easy to configure by Wi-Fi connection with your smartphone. It allows you to share your spy camera with multiple numbers of devices. Not only that you it provides multiple view cameras on a single account. Hidden camera charger with an in-built Micro SD card slot that can expand the memory up to 128GB.
  • Advanced motion detection it will notify and push a notification on your phone when it detects any unwanted movement.
  • By using this App, you are able to record videos, take pictures, and save those files on your mobile phones or tablets to secure your personal property.
  • LIZVIE provides you the package include a Quick installation guide book, Wireless charger Camera, an adopter, and some other exciting gadgets.
  • Last but not least, you can get a long term warranty on this brand. If your purchase has any kind of quality issues then you can notice them without any hesitation.

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10. Wall Charger Hidden Camera with 32G SD Card

In terms of camera quality, Wall Charger Hidden Camera can manage to match all previous entries in this list along with a powerful 1080p FHD lens. Camera lens of this product is less visible than any other SpyCam device. With some exciting features, Wall Charger Hidden Camera is eagerly waiting for you.

  • This special hidden camera is a real 5V/1A USB charger, it can also charge your device along with keep monitoring on your home.
  • It includes enhanced technology which allows you to record and charge your device at the same time.
  • Wall Charger is designed with loop recording abilities. When the SD card getting full, the new file will overwrite the previous ones automatically and save new files for every 5 to 10 minutes lapse. It is beneficial for you because you never miss the recent important things. Also, it saves your time from deleting the previous files.

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Best Spy Cameras: Overview

To help you we design a chart which includes some important features along with Price range and Critic’s rating.

S.NOTitleResolutionFramerateWiFiSD Card Slot Star Rating
1Phouse Hidden Camera1280*960N.A.EnabledNot Present3 out of 5
2FUVISION Smoke Detector532*365N.A.Not EnabledPresent4.3 out of 5
31080p Wrist Brand SpyCam190*1080N.A.Not EnabledPresent3.2 out of 5
4Excepro EX-FH200190*108030FPSEnabledPresent2.3 out of 5
5TenGong190*108030FPSEnabledNot Present3.8 out of 5
61080P HD1080pN.A.EnabledNot Present4.2 out of 5
7Inc Night Light Hidden Camera1080pN.A.EnabledNot Present2.9 out of 5
8Smart Bulb WiFi LED 1080P1080pN.A.EnabledNot Present3.6 out of 5
9LIZVIE1080p30FPSEnabledPresent3.5 out of 5
10Wall Charger1080pN.A.Not EnabledNot Present4 out of 5

Our Suggestion:

We have already covered different types of security cameras in this discussion. Those Spy cameras are quite bulky in nature. For that particular reason in a critical situation where someone is continuously trying to breach your security, they feel scars second time after knowing about the hidden cameras.

From the long list, we like to suggest you buy FUVISION Smoke Detector because of its attractive features within an affordable price range. It also provides a high resolution for you along with the SD card supporting slot. The night vision compatibility and 125 degree camera lens are one of the most exclusive features in this SpyCam. We recommend you to consume FUVISION Smoke Detector for 2020 and stay protected anytime and anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. How long do hidden cameras record?

Ans: There are various Spy Cameras present in the market. Sorting those cameras we can say Phouse works maximum time (more than 2 hours) with batteries, but normally a Hidden Camera works approx one hour without any interruption. If you connect your device with an electric socket it can work for a long time which is approximately 24 hours a day.

2Q. Can I connect my smartphone to my secret hidden camera?

Ans: Yes! You can connect your smartphone with a hidden spy camera. Now it is a common matter for those who are unable to watch their house or business office. Most companies designed their items which has a special feature to connect a smartphone with a secret camera. From this discussion, you can see a maximum number of Spy Camera includes the special features which connect the device with your smartphone.

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