iMovie for Windows PC – Official App Available?

iMovie is one of the most popular video editing software applications developed by the famous Apple incorporation mainly for iOS and macOS devices. The application was released in the year 1999 as an application for Mac OS 8. In 2013, Apple Inc included iMovie as a free gift for new Mac or iOS consumers. On 18 April 2017, it became free to all the users. iMovie includes some options to enhance and modify the video colors, crop-cut and rotate a video clip, add transitions on video, stabilize the shaky videos and changing the clipping speed.

The software provides you with creating a cutaway, using the blue or green screen to crop out a particular subject and replace the previous background by Using the different clip; you can also create a split-screen and picture effect. By using iMovie you can enhance and manipulate the audio by reducing the background chaos and boosting your better audio clips.

Latest Features of iMovie App:

  • iMovie has an option to crop a video from anywhere.
  • Zoom in option also included which helps to view any specific part.
  • Anyone can add photos in the video.
  • iMovie provides split clip option
  • It provides an option to detach audio from that specific video.
  • By using soundtrack features you can attach a preferable audio file to that video.
  • It helps to control the unnecessary noise from your video.
  • iMovie has an undo option by which you can undo your editing.

Apple has not produced any iMovie for window version and still, they have not announced any kind of this plan. According to the critic’s review, Apple would not earn more profit by providing iMovie for Windows application system. Still today iMovie is one of the exclusive video editing software for Mac or iOS systems. It is a business strategy by Apple to attract more customers to buy and consume their products.

Best iMovie Alternatives For Windows:

It is very upsetting for the window users that iMovie does not support their system. If you are a windows user, you should feel joyous because there are several iMovie alternatives already arrived in the market. You can use them easily without consuming Apple’s product. It also gives you the pleasure for the purpose of video editing. There are some powerful video editing features in windows that are similar to iMovie.

  • Wondershare Filmora is the ideal software for Windows and it is equivalent to iMovie. If you try the software you will really like the interesting side of the usage. By using it you can able to edit your audio, video and photos by the attractive features. It works approximately the same as iMovie.
  • iSkysoft is another high-quality editing software for Windows. It provides more than five hundred video editing effort. You can rotate, cut, join, split and merge your video by using this software. Exporting and importing facilities also included in its feature.
  • Mini Tool Movie Maker is free and a sample video editing software provides a lot of video editing features for your Windows system. It also gives some facilities which are just the same as iMovie. By using Mini Tool Maker you can edit your videos and music in any kind of format.
  • We think Windows users have already heard about Windows Movie Maker. It is a free and sample software for the purpose of video editing. This tool is also a very good iMovie alternative for the operation software Windows. Movie Maker offers different kinds of video transitions also include audio features and voice covers.
  • The shortcut is software which is a free and open-source video editor for windows. It can help to crop the video clips edit the audios as per requirement. Apart from the other software, it is comparatively easy to access. It supports 4k resolution and also has customizable filters.
  • Our respected professionals recommend accessing Adobe Rush in the place of iMovie for windows users. But the users need a long time to understand its powerful tools and complicated uses. Adobe releases their editing software along with attractive features to develop your video quality.
  • Korel Video Studio provides 1500 plus editing tools along with 3D media, 4K ultra HD and 360-degree angle of views. Their screengrab is totally different and attractive to others.

Frequently Asked Questions ABout iMovie App:

1Q. Can you get an iMovie software on your Windows system?

Ans: No. iMovie only runs with macOS and iOS operating systems. If you are using a Windows computer system then you can run some alternatives which work just like iMovie.

2Q. What is comparable to iMovie for Windows?

Ans: We can compare Mini Tool Movie Maker to iMovie for the users of Windows. This tool allows the users to import any kinds of media, arrange them and add some transitions. You can make an effect or animations on the videos and you can add the multiple numbers of texts at a time.

3Q. Can we use iMovie on Windows 10?

Ans: Still now the developers of Apple do not release iMovie for Windows user. It is only for macOS and iOS users. If you want to edit your videos through iMovie on Windows system you can try to use MiniTool Movie Maker. It is great alternative editing software for Windows 10. MiniTool Movie Maker is comparatively easier than Apple’s iMovie.

4Q. Can I download the software iMovie for free?

Ans: You can download the Windows version of iMovie and that is MiniTool Movie Maker. We recommend that it is the best Windows version of iMovie because it is simple for its operation and easier for users. It has a clean interface and strong functions. You can import your several media files, edit with an animated effect, and add transitions. You can also share those cool movies with your friends.

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