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VideoStitch Vahana VR 1.0 released

VideoStitch Vahana VR v1.0 is finally released! It is available on our download page as VideoStitch Vahana VR v1 here. Here’s an overview of the major new features: Crop your video inputs inside Vahana VR No need to use a 3rd party software! Just choose your lens type, and crop your input accordingly. Audio input with mp3 and AAC codecs Vahana VR […]

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GPU & CUDA : technical insights of a panoramic stitcher

VideoStitch leverages nVidia’s CUDA technology to be the fastest available stitching engine on the market. If you have compared VideoStitch with previous generation tools, you have discovered that it is significantly faster (depending on your graphics card and settings it can be over 20x). And you will see no quality difference over existing solutions. While we think VideoStitch will lead the […]

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